How to Attract Millennial Real Estate Buyers to Your Open House


According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the United States, millennials lead the home buying market, making up 32 percent of buyers. The survey also found that the leading millennial market is taking a more technologically savvy approach to the process.

To stay on top the tech trend, pivot your business from selling homes the old-fashioned way — using flyers, open houses and direct mailers — to the modern approach. Take into consideration how the younger generation wants to communicate and what they’re looking for in a home.

Here are a few simple strategies that will help draw eager millennial buyers to your next open house.

Create an Event

Instead of the traditional open house, host an event. Use your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to invite guests. Create an inviting atmosphere by playing music, serving snacks and offering tastings from a local craft brewery. By making them feel comfortable, attendees will be more inclined to ask honest questions about the property and show up to your next event.

Make Your Home Smarter

It’s no big secret that millennials are technology crazed and are looking for a home to match. Talk to your listing’s owners about turning their property into a smarthome by installing some relatively inexpensive additions. Suggest using Philips Hue lightbulbs to create ambient lighting scenes from one room to the next; installing Nest’s energy-saving thermostat, which intuitively controls the climate of a home; or investing in a home camera security system from Lorex Technology, which gives homeowners the ability to keep an eye on their home with a smartphone while they’re away.

If sellers are up to splurge, suggest the Samsung Family Hub Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerator. The smart appliance lets you know when you need to stock up on groceries and gives a glimpse inside — even when you’re at the supermarket.

Go Green and Clean

Millennials aren’t that interested in detailing like crown moldings and embellishments; instead, they want open interiors and environmentally friendly assets. Ditch the dated wall-to-wall carpeting and replace it with economically friendly bamboo flooring instead. Replace bulbs with LED lighting that’s controlled by motion detectors to help save money and lessen the homeowner’s impact on the environment. And to really stand out in your market, suggest the sellers install solar energy panels to start running the home on green energy.

Get Social

According to the American Press Institute, 88 percent of millennials get news from Facebook, with Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr following behind. Position yourself as an expert in your field by posting real estate news and trends, joining social media groups online and offering free advice and resources. Leverage your channels to post photos and videos of your listings, and offer to answer any questions by phone, email or text. The more you can offer the services your customers want — in the way they want to receive it — the more likely you are to grow a robust client list and reputation as an industry leader.


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