All You Need to Know About Synthetic Wicker in Outdoor Patio Furniture


With a history spanning thousands of years, natural wicker furniture has come a long way thanks to advancements in varnish and resin coatings. However, natural fibres require more upkeep than synthetic materials, thus making them less popular and increasingly hard to find. Wicker outdoor furniture has seen a revival due to the style, comfort and durability that polyethylene based, extruded and through-dyed wicker provides.

Modern Wicker

Years ago, wicker outdoor furniture was at a crossroads. Though aesthetically appealing, wicker furniture wasn’t exactly durable, quickly becoming faded from the sun, or brittle from the cold, and subject to attack by all sorts of mould and mildew. In addition, the cultivation and harvest of wicker can be a burden on natural resources and labour intensive.

Though the introduction of plastics solved many of these problems, early plastics weren’t particularly attractive; nor were they renowned for producing comfortable seating surfaces.

Things have changed since the application of synthetic fibre in wicker furniture production. Now, outdoor wicker can be completely weather resistant and left outside and exposed to the elements all year round. Wicker is an ideal material for most outdoor furniture settings, especially for outdoor dining, lounging on outdoor sofas, sun loungers, daybeds and almost all pool furniture.

The appearance of synthetic fibre can be made to look and feel so natural that most people never even notice the difference. Of course, synthetic fibres can be made to look unnatural, for those going for a more offbeat look.

Wicker is Lightweight

Mostly, durable materials are heavy and bulky, wicker furniture is a lightweight choice, but also strong. In addition, aluminium is often used in wicker furniture frames, which is also lightweight, as well as rust proof and immune to insects and the elements of mother nature.

Although extremely rare, it’s still possible to find wooden frames in natural wicker pieces, but wooden material makes them heavy and also decay easily. The combination of synthetic wicker with aluminium frames seems the perfect choice to make light and durable furniture.

Wicker is Maintenance Free

Wicker furniture is virtually maintenance free and only requires the occasionally spray with a garden hose or wipe with a damp cloth. Moreover, the colour is embedded throughout the material, so you don’t have to worry about it fading if washed frequently. Since it is durable, it does not need extensive repairs.

Wicker is Classic

Wicker has a unique appeal in any setting, be it a scenic spot or a business complex. The assortment of styles makes it a prime choice for outdoor furniture. In addition, its natural beauty exudes a traditional and homey feel for an outdoor living area.

The synthetic fibres at its core provide a varied range of colours to choose from, as was never the case with natural wicker.


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